Inflation! OMG!!!

So my car was running on empty! On the advice of many I must go to Morrisons for petrol! With the usual rush this was not possible so popped to BP! Oh dear lord! I put a little tenner worth in just to see me through to get to the cheaper petrol haven! Got in my car, turned on the engine and my petrol light came on! I have to say, I have never in my life been to a petrol station and left with my light still on! How are we supposed to get anywhere when the amount of petrol you can afford to put in your car is not enough to even get you out of the red! Cripes! Morissons here I come! Geez!!



So this is my first step into the world of blogging. This is something totally new to me so I will give it a go and see if anyone finds me at all interesting! eeek! 

This will be a journey about the juggling of busy family life, with full time work, friendships and my new little adventure; my little dream of ‘oswell&rose’.

So I suppose a bit of background information should get us of on the right foot!

Living up on the east coast of sunny Yorkshire is were we have settled. ‘We’ consists of me (of course) my darling husband Richie, my little man Stanley (age 6) and baby girl Sophia (age 3). This is us, a little family network living day to day mostly in a hurry from one place to the next until you sit down and realise a week, a month, a year has flown by and you are still rushing; most probably to the same place as you were rushing to a year ago…football, practise, ballet, school, work….and not to mention the endless children’s parties!

Now I have arrived at a point in my life where my children are both in preschool or school and a lot more, let’s say ‘manageable‘ in the most casual form!

Last year I started creating my little wish strings and from there I began to create my little empire, my little family ‘oswell&rose’. This name has been changed a few times but now this is definately it, the middle names of my little bambinos is simply perfect!

I am so enjoying creating lots of new gifts for people to enjoy. Endlessly searching for new ideas, quotes and inspiration from wherever it comes from. I go through little fascinations myself, the main one was dandelion clocks. I was chatting to a Mum in the school playground. A place I tend to stay fairly clear of but once in a while I can manage! Anyway, we were chatting about her little girls hair and she refered to it as ‘like a dandelion’ when she wakes up in the morning and then it occurred to me that Sophia’s hair is just like this and I thought this was such a sweet expression I became a little crazy and so it began…hundreds of photos of random dandelions, collecting them up when I saw them for when an idea struck….so, made with oodles of love; my little ‘wishinabottle’ range incorporating the tiny seedlings! So cute! Now I am a little focused on seahorses, why I do not know and cannot explain but creation stations here I come!!! Watch this space! Lol! 😀

I could actually continue to trundle on however it is after midnight and the morning hours are looming of a new work day so I had best get some well needed beauty sleep and I shall try and write a bit more tomorrow if my phone app installs in a normal fashion!

Goodnight and dream sweetly! x