Tuesday Bliss

Tuesday Bliss

So I am a full time working Mum of two with a sideline of ma little oswell&rose. How do you define a healthy work life balance, well here is a little story of how things were for me for a while…

Going to work during the day and doing a job which I do enjoy and I have some fabulous friends there too so having a good giggle is always an important part of my day as well as the whole work part! I would leave my day job to come home to my bambinos who have been sat nicely and behaving all angelically until the moment I step through he front door. The darling husband then leaves for work, passing ships and all that…so here I am, slightly exhausted, starving (due to my 1200 calorie fitness pal diet!!!) and I am presented with these two tiny rebellious munchkins! I do not quite understand why this happens but it does and the volume in the house increases to unbearable! Words are had (and maybe a few small bribes with ‘picknmix’ and eventually all is calm and tummies are filled.

At this moment in time bedtime was somewhat of a struggle, constant calling from upstairs… Mummy I need a wee, a drink, a light, a blanket, a biscuit, a a a a….Yes pure frustration.

Amongst all this running about i am aware that I have lovely little creations to make. I am eager to get started but I cannot do anything with constant calling. I become impatient and quite frankly, pretty stressed out; this was my life most nights!

It was time to have a rethink. Firstly let’s sort this routine out! Black paper and some sparkly stars. Kids loved it, this was their pocket money…10p a star and they get one if they go to bed and go to sleep! They liked this idea…10 nights later and 2 quid down! Bonus! But I still felt that my evenings were all about getting the kids to bed so I could make and create…rethink!

What do I want?

I knew the answer straight away…quality time; with my babes, with my hubby and with my creating. In order to be able to achieve this i needed to prioritise and plan! I need to come home and have time to chill and play, hear reading and do spellings, be a shop keeper for Sophia and play the wii with Stan.

Answer: To drop a day!

Weighing out the odds was not easy. A pay cut would be taken which is a huge risk to take but if it meant i could have quality time with my babes then i felt it was a risk worth taking…So there we have it. If I have one free day at home; my creating day. I love my Tuesdays….I wake up and I make my dreams reality. Creating new ideas, pretty things and searching for inspiration. I have time in the evening to enjoy my children and then once they are sweetly sleeping I can prepare my orders with calm, care and oodles of love.

There is no price for time but there are many rewards, make a little time for those who need you and remember that sometimes you have to give something up to make better things happen.

Money helps but family loves xxx



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