Life is about…

What is life really all about?
Why do we scream
And why do we shout
Doors are slammed
And things are thrown
Words are harsh
The seeds now sewn
But let’s just think
If we did not fall out
What would life be all about?
Cheerful by day
And playful at night
Same old smile
And false old laugh
Same emotions
Opinions agreed
Routine is the same
As the days pass by
Is this any better
Is this the norm
Where would we be
If life had no storm
What should life be all about?
Who loves to make up
When things go pete tong
A debate between friends
Who’s right and who’s wrong
That cuddle at night
Despite days events
And the warmth and the love
A smile can create
So here we are thinking just one simple thing
How happy are we
And what makes us this way
Think of you day
Embrace your loved ones
Laugh with your friends
And be true to your thoughts
Be honest with all
And believe in yourself
Life is a journey, an adventure, a classroom,
It’s a playground, a war zone and fairground ride
It’s yours for the taking
You live it as you like
But please as you do make it one hell of a hike..



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