What an amazing day! I went to a beautiful house which had an amazing yurt in the garden. Taking place in the yurt are 20 minute massages by a wonderful lady (with the most calming yogic voice I have ever heard), a d these massages I was told were simply lush. I unfortunately was not lucky enough to have one as I was inside with a stall full of my own little creations.

I have done quite a few craft fairs now and they have all been great. This one today was somewhat different. For starters, as I mention it took place in somebody’s home, and just 6 stalls, and free tea and coffee it was so unique to any I have done before.

My day started a bit shakey. As i was leaving my house for some strange reason I simply let go of one handle of my basket dropping bits all over the cold, damp garden path and causing a huge scratch on my hand, after driving straight passed the location I finally arrived, opened the car door and a few more bits fell out of my car….deep breath and carry on…oh and also as I arrived and reversed into my parking spot, I very nearly ran over a lovely little black dog which appeared suddenly and made my heart pound like drums. But then I was greeted by a kind lady and shown to my stall; passing by a happy Buddha by the door and so many inside this felt so calming, easing the eventful morning (!). I was led to a room overlooking an amazing garden which then looked over fields which stretched for miles, simply stunning and views you forget to appreciate.

Other stall holders arrived and were so friendly, some I knew and some I just met. Surrounded by hand made soaps and creams, woodcraft, christmas reefs and beautiful handmade glass made into gorgeous jewellery. These crafts are so creative and unique I felt lucky to be where i was.

As the guests arrived I greeted them with a slightly sheepish “hello” and the response from every single one was just so beautiful. Holding conversations about yoga, therapies, everyday life, family and friendships. So many lovely compliments about my little creations made me feel so happy I couldn’t help but smile. I sold a lovely set of mala beads to a lovely, smiley lady; she said that she has always wanted a set and she was so pleased she now has one. It was such an amazing feeling knowing that I had made someone feel like that through something I have created. I just love making these beads; the children sleeping sweetly, the tv off, just quiet, me and my kit…surrounded by colourful gemstones, wooden beads and decorative charms creating these sets of Malas is so calming and a perfect time to collect thoughts and clear the days worries or reflect on the laughs. Sweet!

So, back to today! Beautiful location, beautiful people, a beautiful sunny day ( although a little nippy outside), but the sun was shining and the sky was blue. The angels were definitely looking out for us today.

One of the moments has to be when the lovely host, who made us so welcome said that she has read my blog! I was amazed! With only a few entries and my lack of creative writing I was blown away and with this I have become inspired, motivated and just so touched. Thank you for making my day and thank you for inviting me to your lovely event.

It was fabuloso!!!



One thought on “Fabuloso!

  1. What a fab blog x love reading your thoughts and thank you for such lovely thoughtful words x as they say on ‘Strictly coming dancing’ “keep on writing”

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