The Beauty of a Smile

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a morning person. I woke today and decided that I was not going to stay in bed for the three usual alarm clock snoozes; just the one! I recently read in a Zest article that if you get up straight away you will feel better than getting up after a second doze! Hhhm inconclusive results as I stumbled, eyes closed into the bathroom, a few walls walked in to but no damage done! The kids soon followed me. Sophia is wide awake but still not quite blossoming at this early hour and Stanley is more like me and is always extremely grumpy in the mornings. In the past I have often become quite impatient with Stanley as he gets up very slowly, grumbling the whole time and refuses to get dressed himself as he is just ‘too tired’ despite having twelve hours sleep! I have attempted a new empathic response to Stanley, the reason being; is it takes me a long while to arise in the morning so really ‘how can I expect him to spring out f bed singing and dancing with a smile on his lovely little face when I resemble the Gruffalo when I roll out?’. So as calm as can be, I woke him, and helped him dress all the while explaining that “Mummy feels tired too”, empathising and showing compassion and all went fairly smoothly and actually rather quickly!Result!

Rich also terrible at waking up so between us there is no agreeing and lots of bickering purely down to the fact we are both exhausted at first dawn. This morning was different. Following my empathy with darling little Stanley…a short tale of a humorous event shared by me to the husband created the end to much grizzling and a smile was born. The mood was now changed and set. The cloud of morning gloominess, impatience and stress was lifted, as were our moods and so the minutes went by with a sense of calm and contentment. In this moment the trend of the day was set. It’s going to be a good one…

Just smile beautiful you and feel peace from your mind and love from your heart…



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