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BeautyA Dream…

I love Christmas! Since having my children Christmas has become so magical again and the giving of gifts to special people is just so exciting. One year the children and I decided to make each family member a Christmas cracker. Making these was fabulous fun but the gift inside took more thought. It was then I remembered seeing string bracelets somewhere back in my university days so I thought “what better than a Christmas wish”! And so the journey began…

I found the bits ‘n’ bobs needed for the crackers and these turned out to be a ‘cracking’ success (sorry bad joke!). But I just couldn’t stop there…making more of these bracelets and finding that my family and friends absolutely loved them it was the beginning of my little oswell&rose…

The name of my shop has somewhat changed over the course of the two years as it always focused on what I was selling rather than being a brand name. I decided to change it once and for all and what better than the middle names of the biggest ‘little’ inspirations in my life. Stanley Oswell and Sophia Rose…’oswell&rose’. I loved it and so did everybody else.

When I opened my little shop I was working full time and now I have managed to reduce down to three days a week giving me more time with my creating and quality time with my family. A huge risk which was frightening but one well worth taking. With amazing support from my husband who is always there to hold bits of string, trim ribbon, stamp cards, try jewelry items on and give his expert opinion on my little creations I have so far succeeded and I am loving it.

Constantly searching for new ideas, new little dreams and wishes I can add to my shop I know this is only the beginning and what the future holds is unknown but just so exciting!

I hope you love my little shop as much as I do xxx


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