Smile because…


This time last year I was in the full swing of labour and soon I was to meet my second child. My baby girl. My little Sophia Elizabeth Rose. Sophia weighed a wonderful 9lb 5oz and was beautiful. With her brown eyes and a few delicate curls love was instant and unconditional.

When I think of the last four years I just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. I mean everybody always says ‘it flies by’ and you think ‘yeah sure’ and now it has and I am looking at my little princess all busy and full of girlie attitude!

It is amazing how you can bring two children into the world and raise them together and in the same manner yet they can be so incredibly different. Stanley is so set on his ‘electrical gadgets’, computer, iPad, wii, 3DS and so on…upon arriving home from school he first asks to go on the computer and to be honest he really is a whizz at it! Yet Sophia is full of imagination, our living room is a garden, a planet in space, a supermarket…and when you are in her game you actually find yourself believing that’s where you are. Incredible!

So I sit and think about these two incredible little people and I smile. I smile because I know them. Not because they are mine, not because that’s what its supposed to be. I smile because these two little people are beautiful, amazing and they teach me so much everyday and this is my reason to smile…everyday and every night…priceless.



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