Penultimate day!

So! It is 0039hours on the morning of 29th May 2013.

I am just preparing my mind to get ready for my ongoing battle with the big issue of our times…weight!!!! When I first joined a slimming club bak in November 2003 (dear lord I hear you say), yes almost 10 years ago; I didn’t think it would take me 10 year to lose the weight! I actually think (since gaining a few lbs recently) that I am only about 2 stone lighter than I was 10 years ago! That aside as always its a new beginning! And on Thursday 30th May the diet commences; out for tea tomorrow night you see, so would just be super rather silly of me to start tomorrow…may tomorrow be the last supper! What I am going to do is update on here with my progress, if I am reaching for the biscuit tin instead I will reach for my lovely blog and type instead or of course hammer a bangle!

Food: 1200 cals per day! No bread or wine for 2 weeks (geez staple diet 8) )
Drink: Lots of water
Run: Couch to 5k fitness plan twice a week
Bend: Yoga Class once a week
Geek: Muffin top burner + Legs, bums and tums fit in 5-20 mins DVD 3 times a week
Wii: Wii fit plus with kiddies as and when they want to play

Sounds achievable!

See you Thursday!

Namaste x



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