Squeeeeeee it’s time! Tomorrow I start my weight journey for I think the one zillianth time! I have eaten most of a packet of my dearest chocolate digestives today and had a lovely meal out with the family…the last supper! I am feeling like I should have more of a food plan, with being at work I will need a steady flow of healthy snacks to see me through the day and the only thing I can think of which is remotely healthy are my opened pack or ryvita and a few laughing cow cheese triangles! I am guessing tomorrow will be more of a reset my body day with very little taste stimulation followed by a trip to Asda to stock up on nutritious loveliness! I made myself a little string bracelet for enlightenment and motivation, a few red jasper beads empowering my root chakra will hopefully be of help and a little sunshine for my running would just be perfect…hhhmmmm I shall keep wishing!

Right off to bed I go ready to wake full of positive mental attitude and a handful of grapes…whoop whoop!



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