Fallen off the wagon!

Alright alright I fell off the wagon!!!! And not just a little bit…a lot!!!! For experimental purposes though I have now really noticed the difference of a diet with and without gluten and wheat. The difference is quite clear and I have decided that I am going to continue a diet ‘without’ as I do feel much better. I am not going to commit to I diet 100% without as there may be odd occasions where I do have it but for the majority of time I will stick to it. I have logged back onto ‘myfitnesspal’ app and I will log everyone I eat everyday. Exercise is going to start today with my ‘Muffin top burner’ fit in 5-20 minute work out DVD. yes i know that’s a bit lame but I am also going to start walking. I will do my DVD when I can get out and I will walk when I can. I have just over 5 weeks until a mini break so I have a date in mind and I need to make a big difference I that time. 2lb a week would mean a loss of 10lb which I know I will feel a lot better for! So bring it on! I am climbing back on and ready to go!!!




Following a loooong day at work we were starving and ready for our dinner. Myself and two of my best girls were off for a good old natter over dinner with the high possibility of a sneaky beverage of the alcohol family! We decided to go to a local restaurant as they do a nice little early bird menu of two courses for £12. Sounded perfect. We were politely showed to our seats and we ordered our drinks. The menu was placed before us and our tummy’s are grumbling! We were faced with a choice of five meals, mostly meat and none were gluten and wheat free! Now, do I break my focus for one meal out or do I see what they can do for me? It turns out that my two friends were also a little disappointed with the choice and so we decided that we may have to go elsewhere. We apologised to the manager and stated that we didn’t fancy what was on offer and were off for a more tea like tea, nothing too fancy. He was very polite and absorbed our menu feedback. He then relayed this information to two rather large, quite hairy and pretty mean looking chefs who had already made me feel a little nervous even before we decided to leave. We were just finishing off our drinks when we heard one chef state “what they don’t like fish n chips, that’s too fancy” and so on! This we found super rude and very unprofessional; three lovely ladies were now three angry women ready to complain. We calmly walked to the exit and surrounded the manager(!)…I calmly (yet nervously with a quiver to my voice) stated that the restricted menu was not the only reason why we were leaving but also the fact that I do not eat gluten and wheat for medical reasons (eeep) and so I could not actually have anything so when the chefs start ranting about our departing could they kindly wait for us to leave before doing so. And although we may have returned in the future now we probably will not! Apologies were accepted and we went off to a brillo 2for1 and had delicious BBQ chicken with cheese, chips and peas ‘nom nom’ oh yes and a nice large vino! A good old chin wag took place before returning home to a nice quiet house…babies sleeping and the hubby chilling…sweet.

Good food.good wine.good friends.AMAZEBALLS!


Another week!

Another week and in light of the fact that I am going out for tea tonight with my girls I thought I would weigh-in this morning and I was pleasantly surprised as I have lost another 4lb. My weigh days do vary a little between a Wednesday and Thursday but for now this works nicely as the approach to my healthy eating is a lot more relaxed than it has been in the past.

BUT what I must emphasise more than anything is that I would have been happy if I had not lost anything this week for the sheer fact of how much BETTER I am feeling! Since cutting out wheat and gluten it has made a huge difference, much less bloated and my body generally feels a lot more healthy. I think this is a lifestyle change that I am going to make permanent. Yes I do think there will be occasions when I do have these in my meals if I am eating out but few and far between is a lot better than on a daily basis.

So today the sun is shining, I am feeling pretty good and looking forward to a girlie chat tonight. Have a lovely day x


Sharing the love – Made at Home with Love

I must share an absolute gorgeous page I stumbled upon on facebook earlier today. A page filled with the most beautiful creations,from bespoke box frames, hand made cards to decorated wooden letters finished off with so much love and attention to detail. My total favourite though has to be the wonderful dandelions…as I already have a slight obsession with this lovely little weed these caught my eye and I was hooked and now I neeeeed my own set!!!


Aren’t they just the most darling little creations?!

Find these on Facebook under the page name Made at Home…

Link: https://www.facebook.com/MadeAtHomewithlove


Dum dum duuuum!!! Drum rooooll please………///…..6lb loss! Yippee even with a ‘blip’! Needless to say I am we’ll chuffed with my self *patting oneself on back*! And day 3 now of no wheat and gluten and feeling EPIC! Ha ha! I do feel loads better I have to say and rather enjoying the challenge! I was at work today and I had packed my usual feast, yogurt, fruits of several varieties, few rice crispies for breaky and a Freddo for my 2pm snack…and of course as I reached into the top drawer of my desk to grab out my asda good for you cup soup…yep ‘contains wheat and gluten’! Oh poops! My staple work diet has to change! I quickly popped out to stock up on, a bag of spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, sliced ham (a nice one!) a jar of beet root and a huge jar of pickled onions nom nom! Waaaay better than a cup soup and a lot more nutritious and satisfying too *happy* !

Tea consisted of my usual egg salad today as I did not get in from a meeting until 9pm! Not the ideal time to eat but totally unavoidable! Was yummy still! So to sum up! A good day I think!

I hope you are all feeling like you too have had a old day!



Okay so I am on the last day of my first week. Has it been a good first week? I think it probably it has! Yes I have had a few sneaky nibbles here and there and of course my Saturday ‘blip’ but I feel I have slipped into a slightly different frame of mind…

My thought process: If I can be good everyday, and then on occasion, once every so often have a ‘blip’ then I think I will actually begin to enjoy my food more too and appreciate the flavours! I state ‘everyday’ as I know in previous diets where I have weighed in each week I have been really good all week and then following my ‘weigh in’ I have had a bit of day of eating (total pig out!) and then a couple of days later when we fancy going out for tea I feel a bit guilty having a second treat day. For some I know this works perfectly but I just don’t think it’s for me!

Another little part of my plan is to reduce, if not cut out, of my diet the wheat and glutton. My sister is a coeliac and my Mum has had bowl cancer which does also have a strong link to these ingredients and although i have been tested and I am not a coeliac I see no harm in trying to improve my insides with a better diet. Yesterday I did great and then this morning I forgot and ate a chocolate digestive (simply irresistible when literally offered on a plate with a nice cup of coffee mmmmm). I had one bite left and remembered, I was like “aaaaaaawww noooooo” gutted! BUT it was eaten so I ate my last bite with the intention of it being my last one for a while! I actually already feel a bit of a difference so happy days! (Possibly purely psychological but that’s cool!)

I will weigh myself in the morning since it has been a week but I won’t follow it with treats as I may have a few on Saturday as I am off to the park for a picnic…pray for sunshine!

I will update with my progress! Oh and a little note…I have not yet started my exercise but I am working my way towards it ha ha! Eeep!

Ta ta for now xxx



Okay okay so day one and day two were fantabuloso! Day three…the weekend! Busy day planned…boot sale, followed by ballet, ticket purchasing for ballet show, appliance shopping for new kitchen, which we were also shopping for. My Mum is simply brill and even her sandwiches are like the best ever! So an invitation for dinner following our super busy day was super tempting and of course irresistible! I did try and said “oh no, no cheesecake for me and a small portion of rice” to which Mum replied “oh you need a day off sometimes, Dad can’t do small portions and the cheesecake is already defrosting, I can’t have you getting all weak for not eating enough” tee hee now what could I reply to that?? Oh and sandwiches also were made for lunch! Hhhmmmm needless to say that today has been a good day for being out and about but a bad diet day! Although everything I ate was super delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful! And I think sometimes you just need to weigh it out…so I had a bad day YES…am I going to be good tomorrow YES…is it the end of the world NO…did I have a lovely family dinner, laughing, sharing stories, chatting to Mum, Dad, and the kids…well that was PRICELESS and 100% worth it!

Overall: Bad day? No…treasured day? Yes! Back on it tomorrow…ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!