Okay okay so day one and day two were fantabuloso! Day three…the weekend! Busy day planned…boot sale, followed by ballet, ticket purchasing for ballet show, appliance shopping for new kitchen, which we were also shopping for. My Mum is simply brill and even her sandwiches are like the best ever! So an invitation for dinner following our super busy day was super tempting and of course irresistible! I did try and said “oh no, no cheesecake for me and a small portion of rice” to which Mum replied “oh you need a day off sometimes, Dad can’t do small portions and the cheesecake is already defrosting, I can’t have you getting all weak for not eating enough” tee hee now what could I reply to that?? Oh and sandwiches also were made for lunch! Hhhmmmm needless to say that today has been a good day for being out and about but a bad diet day! Although everything I ate was super delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful! And I think sometimes you just need to weigh it out…so I had a bad day YES…am I going to be good tomorrow YES…is it the end of the world NO…did I have a lovely family dinner, laughing, sharing stories, chatting to Mum, Dad, and the kids…well that was PRICELESS and 100% worth it!

Overall: Bad day? No…treasured day? Yes! Back on it tomorrow…ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!


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