Okay so I am on the last day of my first week. Has it been a good first week? I think it probably it has! Yes I have had a few sneaky nibbles here and there and of course my Saturday ‘blip’ but I feel I have slipped into a slightly different frame of mind…

My thought process: If I can be good everyday, and then on occasion, once every so often have a ‘blip’ then I think I will actually begin to enjoy my food more too and appreciate the flavours! I state ‘everyday’ as I know in previous diets where I have weighed in each week I have been really good all week and then following my ‘weigh in’ I have had a bit of day of eating (total pig out!) and then a couple of days later when we fancy going out for tea I feel a bit guilty having a second treat day. For some I know this works perfectly but I just don’t think it’s for me!

Another little part of my plan is to reduce, if not cut out, of my diet the wheat and glutton. My sister is a coeliac and my Mum has had bowl cancer which does also have a strong link to these ingredients and although i have been tested and I am not a coeliac I see no harm in trying to improve my insides with a better diet. Yesterday I did great and then this morning I forgot and ate a chocolate digestive (simply irresistible when literally offered on a plate with a nice cup of coffee mmmmm). I had one bite left and remembered, I was like “aaaaaaawww noooooo” gutted! BUT it was eaten so I ate my last bite with the intention of it being my last one for a while! I actually already feel a bit of a difference so happy days! (Possibly purely psychological but that’s cool!)

I will weigh myself in the morning since it has been a week but I won’t follow it with treats as I may have a few on Saturday as I am off to the park for a picnic…pray for sunshine!

I will update with my progress! Oh and a little note…I have not yet started my exercise but I am working my way towards it ha ha! Eeep!

Ta ta for now xxx



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