Another week!

Another week and in light of the fact that I am going out for tea tonight with my girls I thought I would weigh-in this morning and I was pleasantly surprised as I have lost another 4lb. My weigh days do vary a little between a Wednesday and Thursday but for now this works nicely as the approach to my healthy eating is a lot more relaxed than it has been in the past.

BUT what I must emphasise more than anything is that I would have been happy if I had not lost anything this week for the sheer fact of how much BETTER I am feeling! Since cutting out wheat and gluten it has made a huge difference, much less bloated and my body generally feels a lot more healthy. I think this is a lifestyle change that I am going to make permanent. Yes I do think there will be occasions when I do have these in my meals if I am eating out but few and far between is a lot better than on a daily basis.

So today the sun is shining, I am feeling pretty good and looking forward to a girlie chat tonight. Have a lovely day x



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