Day Seven eeep!

Okay so I know it has been a couple of days since I last bloggled! I have not given up or had a major starvation breakdown! I have been working for my day job (not oswell&rose) and in the evening catching up with my orders so been a bit pooped by bed time! My plodding has continued today with a 4.2km trot which was pretty good going. Since I managed to do 2 minute intervals between jogging and walking during my first run I have joined the NHS Couch to 5k in week three which is 1.5min and 3min intervals and I actually did an extra 4 minutes at the end which I was pretty proud of (although again at tortoise pace) BUT I did it! I think I might do 5k tomorrow, not jogging the whole way but if I find a good route at least I can work on getting a bit faster! I am on target with ‘jantastic’, my third run will be completed tomorrow and on Wednesday I am joining the gym so it will be actions stations then! This mornings run was a bit of a different one for me…

You know when you are driving in your car and it is pouring with rain, your park lights are on and your heater is making you oh so lovely and cosy with your music to sing along to? Yes…you all there…okay so now you see a figure plodding in the rain, trainers soaked through, clothes dripping, hair drenched but still battling through the ridiculous weather and you think to yourself…gees she must be mad…who in their right mind would come out in heavy rain and a zillion mile an hour wind….yep that would be me! I have never run in the rain before and always had that thought when passing someone however I actually found it pretty cool! Running through puddles, disguising and sweat haha! It was fresh and a little ‘not me’ so something I would recommend! Although would have been better without the wind! I did try and take the husband with me but he was definitely, absolutely not running in the rain!!! Tut tut!

On the food side of things, all is well. I am having my 1200 calories a day. Pretty easy at the moment because I am totally mind set. I haven’t been feeling too hungry. I did have a cheeky little glass of wine last night, but just a drop 😉 it was lush! My two days at work I thought I would find really hard but I took my lunch and nothing else so really what I had with me was what I would eat so I wasn’t tempted with anything else! And I also kept myself very busy!

I weighed myself on Wednesday on a set of scales that I know are pretty accurate as mine are just so dodgy, I only have to move them a notch hand stand on again to get a different weight! I have actually lost 11lbs which I know is a crazy amount but I did weigh myself the very next day after eating out and so I think that may have made me heavier before my first weigh in but still, it’s heading in the right direction! I am not going to weigh again until next Wednesday so will keep you posted!

Best dash! I will leave you with a pretty horrifying picture of me after my wet jog!! Nighty night x



Success on day 4

I went to sleep last night with my mind set on running in the morning. When I woke I could hear the wind howling outside which is slightly traumatising when you are planning on running in the countryside! But then with the wind was sunshine and let’s face it, it could have been pouring down; up I got running gear on (which took some time ensuring that all lumps, bumps and the wobbly bum are well hidden!) dug into the shoe pile to find my trainers and I was ready! I have downloaded endemondo which tracks my route and tells me how fast I am going, calories burned etc. I have also used Nike app in the past which is also good. Music on and off I went. Now I am not going to lie! I am no runner and I never have been. I have completed a 5k in the past which I felt was a massive achievement but I am back at square one this time so I wasn’t going to run myself to collapsing. What I did was use the NHS couch to 5k idea and I walked for 5 then run for 2, walk for 2 and so on for 20 minutes and then I walked for the final 5 minutes! I have to say I actually surprised myself. The first run left me pretty puffed out but it did get a bit easier until the last one when I was actually probably running slower than a casual dog walker ha but still to me I was jogging! I also nearly managed to get round the full course without seeing anybody I know until the final stretch! Poops! But still I am out and I am exercising, I am making positive changes so really even though I looked like a purple tomato in tight trousers and my is hair blown in all directions, does it really matter? I even stopped and chatted for a moment, well between gasps for breath and then continued on my way! It felt good and I felt proud of myself! I cannot go for two days now due to my working pattern but in Thursday I will be back out there again. I intend to follow the same routine for my next two runs and the up my targets a little next week to push myself a bit harder! Eeep!

I also have to add, that a couple of boiled eggs, beans and a slice of ham was mega yummy for my brunch too! The healthy eating is going well and I feel well in myself and already feel a wee bit thinner too! Brilliant!

Kiddies back at school tomorrow and like I just mentioned I am back at work too (day job, oswell&rose is already open and I have been creating away!) It’s been a lovely Christmas break and a motivating first week of 2014 so I guess this might just be a good year!

Just a snap of my big feet!!


View from my morning jog…beaut xxx


Jantastic it’s day three!

Out of the window goes my sensible and safe playing exercise regime! I have tonight signed up for Jantastic which is purely running, setting targets, working in little teams, beating targets and ultimately using the wonderful art of jogging/running or in my case heavy plodding as a way to help me lose weight, be healthy and improve my lifestyle! My target is set to run three times a week, which I think is fair as I do not want to traumatise myself in week one. The targets can be changed at any time so I can always increase it in future weeks! I have a few friends on board with me in my little team so we can offer encouragement and support to each other. I have also registered darling husbands so he will need to dust off the old trainers too! To be fair he can run pretty well so I shall use him for a pace maker ha! I am still going to take walks with my camera and have a go with Davina DVD!

I actually feel really excited about this! It is part of something new, big and really I have nothing to lose so come on Jantastic; let’s get running!!!



Day 1!

End of day one and all is going very well. I went for a walk this morning for 40 minutes. So…I didn’t get very far, about 2.5km but I did take some cool photos with my new camera lens! I will add a few onto the end of this bloggles! It was a refreshing walk although I have to admit it was absolutely freezing hence why I cut it a little short! I picked up my pace when I wasn’t taking snaps and it was fine until I hit the open fields and that wind, wow! It was icy and forced me to turn back for a stroll through the houses. It was peaceful yet I think next time it might be more fun to take the little ones not only for company but for good photo opportunities! The rest of my day was spent creating in my little homemade office. A few lovely little orders have arrived for my oswell&rose goodies which were lovely to create this afternoon before heading off to collect the little ones from Granny and Grandad’s!

The little darlings slept out last night so breakfast was kind of skipped due to the ‘taking advantage of the rare lie in’! I had a yogurt and banana for breakfast with a coffee and then I had an enormous jacket potato with salad, boiled eggs and a scoop of mayo! My snacking consisted of two plums and a yogurt! A little less than I should be having but I did skip breakfast which I know is mega naughty and tomorrow I will have some so I am not classed as starving myself just yet. I do feel better and I feel good that I have completed my first day. The other half came home from work with a totally humongous piece of sponge cake and to be honest for the first time in a while I wasn’t even tempted! Yey!

I am focused and I will achieve my goal!

Tomorrow is forecast to be a rainy day so my planned day out going for a good walk with the kiddies may be a bit of a wash out (tee hee)! I know the kids would love the rain but with runny noses already I am not going to tempt fate with the school term starting on Tuesday! I might try my Davina DVD and then some in house activities with the little ones! I little bit of exercise is better than none at all!

Bedtime for me! Tatty bye!!


Roll on 2014!

Right! When I wake up in the morning it is a new day! A new beginning! It is the first day of a new life! I have had a year of ‘trying’ to diet when truthfully I have been a bit of a yoyo but how long can I do this for? The answer is ‘no longer’!

I slipped or ‘squeezed‘ my what are supposed to be skinny jeans on earlier today and a black fitted jumper. A normal kinda outfit, I wasn’t going anywhere special but thought I would make a little bit of an effort! Well…before me in the mirror stood a girl who looked back at me about 10 years ago. I little (lot) older, of course much wiser and pretty much the same size! This mean that 10 years ago  when I first stepped foot in a ‘diet class‘ I actually have not got anywhere! Yes…10 years and I am still as heavy as I was then! Really something needs to change! 

In 10 years I have fallen in love, had a bouncing baby boy and a beautiful baby girl, relocated from South to north, got hitched, had a few jobs, started my own business ( and….lost weight, gained weigh, lost, gainedlostgainedlostgainedlostgained….just a blur! Slimming world, weight watchers, Atkins, calories, no carbs, no wine (eeek) gees come on now! So much in 10 years and yet I am still a bit of a lump!

The time is now! I am 32 and I am happy! Yes! Despite being ‘heavy‘ I am happy! I have a lovely family, friends, a nice home, luxuries, fun, everything I need really but if I continue down the path I am going it will be my health that may begin to prevent me from staying happy!

Using my life and those in it as my inspiration I will start tomorrow with a healthy motivated mind enjoying a healthy balanced diet and a good exercise programme…this will aid my body and my mind. Refresh my soul and enlighten my life (wow intense!) ! I shall dust off my trainers and squeeze into my tight exercise leggings and stride into my new future with a smile on my face, fire in my belly and (a twix in my pocket ha just kidding) a goal to achieve!

I will blog on with my progress if anyone happens to be interested! Come in 2014! Let’s have a good year!!!!