Oh dear oh dear a year since I bloggled! Right I’m on it! In a day or two 😋


Day Seven eeep!

Okay so I know it has been a couple of days since I last bloggled! I have not given up or had a major starvation breakdown! I have been working for my day job (not oswell&rose) and in the evening catching up with my orders so been a bit pooped by bed time! My plodding has continued today with a 4.2km trot which was pretty good going. Since I managed to do 2 minute intervals between jogging and walking during my first run I have joined the NHS Couch to 5k in week three which is 1.5min and 3min intervals and I actually did an extra 4 minutes at the end which I was pretty proud of (although again at tortoise pace) BUT I did it! I think I might do 5k tomorrow, not jogging the whole way but if I find a good route at least I can work on getting a bit faster! I am on target with ‘jantastic’, my third run will be completed tomorrow and on Wednesday I am joining the gym so it will be actions stations then! This mornings run was a bit of a different one for me…

You know when you are driving in your car and it is pouring with rain, your park lights are on and your heater is making you oh so lovely and cosy with your music to sing along to? Yes…you all there…okay so now you see a figure plodding in the rain, trainers soaked through, clothes dripping, hair drenched but still battling through the ridiculous weather and you think to yourself…gees she must be mad…who in their right mind would come out in heavy rain and a zillion mile an hour wind….yep that would be me! I have never run in the rain before and always had that thought when passing someone however I actually found it pretty cool! Running through puddles, disguising and sweat haha! It was fresh and a little ‘not me’ so something I would recommend! Although would have been better without the wind! I did try and take the husband with me but he was definitely, absolutely not running in the rain!!! Tut tut!

On the food side of things, all is well. I am having my 1200 calories a day. Pretty easy at the moment because I am totally mind set. I haven’t been feeling too hungry. I did have a cheeky little glass of wine last night, but just a drop 😉 it was lush! My two days at work I thought I would find really hard but I took my lunch and nothing else so really what I had with me was what I would eat so I wasn’t tempted with anything else! And I also kept myself very busy!

I weighed myself on Wednesday on a set of scales that I know are pretty accurate as mine are just so dodgy, I only have to move them a notch hand stand on again to get a different weight! I have actually lost 11lbs which I know is a crazy amount but I did weigh myself the very next day after eating out and so I think that may have made me heavier before my first weigh in but still, it’s heading in the right direction! I am not going to weigh again until next Wednesday so will keep you posted!

Best dash! I will leave you with a pretty horrifying picture of me after my wet jog!! Nighty night x


Smile because…


This time last year I was in the full swing of labour and soon I was to meet my second child. My baby girl. My little Sophia Elizabeth Rose. Sophia weighed a wonderful 9lb 5oz and was beautiful. With her brown eyes and a few delicate curls love was instant and unconditional.

When I think of the last four years I just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. I mean everybody always says ‘it flies by’ and you think ‘yeah sure’ and now it has and I am looking at my little princess all busy and full of girlie attitude!

It is amazing how you can bring two children into the world and raise them together and in the same manner yet they can be so incredibly different. Stanley is so set on his ‘electrical gadgets’, computer, iPad, wii, 3DS and so on…upon arriving home from school he first asks to go on the computer and to be honest he really is a whizz at it! Yet Sophia is full of imagination, our living room is a garden, a planet in space, a supermarket…and when you are in her game you actually find yourself believing that’s where you are. Incredible!

So I sit and think about these two incredible little people and I smile. I smile because I know them. Not because they are mine, not because that’s what its supposed to be. I smile because these two little people are beautiful, amazing and they teach me so much everyday and this is my reason to smile…everyday and every night…priceless.


The Beauty of a Smile

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT a morning person. I woke today and decided that I was not going to stay in bed for the three usual alarm clock snoozes; just the one! I recently read in a Zest article that if you get up straight away you will feel better than getting up after a second doze! Hhhm inconclusive results as I stumbled, eyes closed into the bathroom, a few walls walked in to but no damage done! The kids soon followed me. Sophia is wide awake but still not quite blossoming at this early hour and Stanley is more like me and is always extremely grumpy in the mornings. In the past I have often become quite impatient with Stanley as he gets up very slowly, grumbling the whole time and refuses to get dressed himself as he is just ‘too tired’ despite having twelve hours sleep! I have attempted a new empathic response to Stanley, the reason being; is it takes me a long while to arise in the morning so really ‘how can I expect him to spring out f bed singing and dancing with a smile on his lovely little face when I resemble the Gruffalo when I roll out?’. So as calm as can be, I woke him, and helped him dress all the while explaining that “Mummy feels tired too”, empathising and showing compassion and all went fairly smoothly and actually rather quickly!Result!

Rich also terrible at waking up so between us there is no agreeing and lots of bickering purely down to the fact we are both exhausted at first dawn. This morning was different. Following my empathy with darling little Stanley…a short tale of a humorous event shared by me to the husband created the end to much grizzling and a smile was born. The mood was now changed and set. The cloud of morning gloominess, impatience and stress was lifted, as were our moods and so the minutes went by with a sense of calm and contentment. In this moment the trend of the day was set. It’s going to be a good one…

Just smile beautiful you and feel peace from your mind and love from your heart…


The issue of trust???

In our society today there is one issue that is thought of in so many situations and that is the big issue of trust.

Lets define trust…

verb (used with object)

to have trust or confidence in; rely or depend on.

to believe.

to expect confidently; hope (usually followed by a clause or infinitive as object): trusting the job would soon be finished; trusting to find oil on the land.

to commit or consign with trust or confidence.

to permit to remain or go somewhere or to do something without fear of consequences: He does not trust his children out of his sight.

How do we learn to trust? Is it through good parenting or lack of, at school, with peers, a partner…or maybe it is inbuilt from first creation. Are some people more trusting and trust worthy than others right from the start or do life experiences form our sense of trust as we plough through our childhood into adult hood where everything seems to become more complicated when thinking about ‘trust’.

Everybody needs to trust someone. But choosing who to trust is the strangest of choices to make. Here’s why…

At primary school you tell your best friend a big secret and within an hour her friend knows too…at senior school you fancy this lad who you get on really well with and you pass him a note and within half an hour his mate knows too…a little later in life you meet this man, seems real nice, but within a month he’s already broken your heart. These instances are just examples of how you think u can trust but then you feel a fool for doing so. Which asks the question;

“Do you need to know someone really well before you trust them or can you do so from the first meeting?”

I can hear you now loud and clear…so if we feel that trust needs to be built on why on earth do we completely put our faith and trust in absolute strangers almost everyday of our lives…think about this one…

How well did you know the nursery nurse where you child goes each day?

How long have you known your child’s teacher?

Who is the lady who runs the local brownies?

The dance teacher…what’s her name again?

An In-depth Study of Work- related Road Traffic Accidents states: Taxi drivers were the only group that showed over-involvement in accidents caused by deliberate recklessness or failure to correctly judge gaps in traffic before making a manoeuvre.

I am not saying all taxis are bad as I use them frequently but what i am saying is that we trust the driver to get us from A to B safely but we don’t know anything about him or her!

As adults it takes us a while to trust a partner or a friend yet we put trust in people we don’t know…it’s almost like the people we have known for a long time take longer to trust yet the one’s we should take our time to trust we hand over our children or jump in their car!

Obviously there are circumstances in every scenario but if we just see people without their profession to give them automatic ‘trust’ stats and we met them in a different environment…would we feel them same way?

So again I ask the question…

“Do you need to know someone really well before you trust them or can you do so from the first meeting?”

Just a thought 🙂

Life is about…

What is life really all about?
Why do we scream
And why do we shout
Doors are slammed
And things are thrown
Words are harsh
The seeds now sewn
But let’s just think
If we did not fall out
What would life be all about?
Cheerful by day
And playful at night
Same old smile
And false old laugh
Same emotions
Opinions agreed
Routine is the same
As the days pass by
Is this any better
Is this the norm
Where would we be
If life had no storm
What should life be all about?
Who loves to make up
When things go pete tong
A debate between friends
Who’s right and who’s wrong
That cuddle at night
Despite days events
And the warmth and the love
A smile can create
So here we are thinking just one simple thing
How happy are we
And what makes us this way
Think of you day
Embrace your loved ones
Laugh with your friends
And be true to your thoughts
Be honest with all
And believe in yourself
Life is a journey, an adventure, a classroom,
It’s a playground, a war zone and fairground ride
It’s yours for the taking
You live it as you like
But please as you do make it one hell of a hike..


Pretty Wings

One year ago today a beautiful young lady became an angel. Missed everyday, loved beyond the stars and thought of every single second. 

My thoughts are with an amazing family and my best friend as they are everyday. 

Love you muchly Buzz Bee and Mama G xxxx

Tuesday Bliss

Tuesday Bliss

So I am a full time working Mum of two with a sideline of ma little oswell&rose. How do you define a healthy work life balance, well here is a little story of how things were for me for a while…

Going to work during the day and doing a job which I do enjoy and I have some fabulous friends there too so having a good giggle is always an important part of my day as well as the whole work part! I would leave my day job to come home to my bambinos who have been sat nicely and behaving all angelically until the moment I step through he front door. The darling husband then leaves for work, passing ships and all that…so here I am, slightly exhausted, starving (due to my 1200 calorie fitness pal diet!!!) and I am presented with these two tiny rebellious munchkins! I do not quite understand why this happens but it does and the volume in the house increases to unbearable! Words are had (and maybe a few small bribes with ‘picknmix’ and eventually all is calm and tummies are filled.

At this moment in time bedtime was somewhat of a struggle, constant calling from upstairs… Mummy I need a wee, a drink, a light, a blanket, a biscuit, a a a a….Yes pure frustration.

Amongst all this running about i am aware that I have lovely little creations to make. I am eager to get started but I cannot do anything with constant calling. I become impatient and quite frankly, pretty stressed out; this was my life most nights!

It was time to have a rethink. Firstly let’s sort this routine out! Black paper and some sparkly stars. Kids loved it, this was their pocket money…10p a star and they get one if they go to bed and go to sleep! They liked this idea…10 nights later and 2 quid down! Bonus! But I still felt that my evenings were all about getting the kids to bed so I could make and create…rethink!

What do I want?

I knew the answer straight away…quality time; with my babes, with my hubby and with my creating. In order to be able to achieve this i needed to prioritise and plan! I need to come home and have time to chill and play, hear reading and do spellings, be a shop keeper for Sophia and play the wii with Stan.

Answer: To drop a day!

Weighing out the odds was not easy. A pay cut would be taken which is a huge risk to take but if it meant i could have quality time with my babes then i felt it was a risk worth taking…So there we have it. If I have one free day at home; my creating day. I love my Tuesdays….I wake up and I make my dreams reality. Creating new ideas, pretty things and searching for inspiration. I have time in the evening to enjoy my children and then once they are sweetly sleeping I can prepare my orders with calm, care and oodles of love.

There is no price for time but there are many rewards, make a little time for those who need you and remember that sometimes you have to give something up to make better things happen.

Money helps but family loves xxx


Inflation! OMG!!!

So my car was running on empty! On the advice of many I must go to Morrisons for petrol! With the usual rush this was not possible so popped to BP! Oh dear lord! I put a little tenner worth in just to see me through to get to the cheaper petrol haven! Got in my car, turned on the engine and my petrol light came on! I have to say, I have never in my life been to a petrol station and left with my light still on! How are we supposed to get anywhere when the amount of petrol you can afford to put in your car is not enough to even get you out of the red! Cripes! Morissons here I come! Geez!!


So this is my first step into the world of blogging. This is something totally new to me so I will give it a go and see if anyone finds me at all interesting! eeek! 

This will be a journey about the juggling of busy family life, with full time work, friendships and my new little adventure; my little dream of ‘oswell&rose’.

So I suppose a bit of background information should get us of on the right foot!

Living up on the east coast of sunny Yorkshire is were we have settled. ‘We’ consists of me (of course) my darling husband Richie, my little man Stanley (age 6) and baby girl Sophia (age 3). This is us, a little family network living day to day mostly in a hurry from one place to the next until you sit down and realise a week, a month, a year has flown by and you are still rushing; most probably to the same place as you were rushing to a year ago…football, practise, ballet, school, work….and not to mention the endless children’s parties!

Now I have arrived at a point in my life where my children are both in preschool or school and a lot more, let’s say ‘manageable‘ in the most casual form!

Last year I started creating my little wish strings and from there I began to create my little empire, my little family ‘oswell&rose’. This name has been changed a few times but now this is definately it, the middle names of my little bambinos is simply perfect!

I am so enjoying creating lots of new gifts for people to enjoy. Endlessly searching for new ideas, quotes and inspiration from wherever it comes from. I go through little fascinations myself, the main one was dandelion clocks. I was chatting to a Mum in the school playground. A place I tend to stay fairly clear of but once in a while I can manage! Anyway, we were chatting about her little girls hair and she refered to it as ‘like a dandelion’ when she wakes up in the morning and then it occurred to me that Sophia’s hair is just like this and I thought this was such a sweet expression I became a little crazy and so it began…hundreds of photos of random dandelions, collecting them up when I saw them for when an idea struck….so, made with oodles of love; my little ‘wishinabottle’ range incorporating the tiny seedlings! So cute! Now I am a little focused on seahorses, why I do not know and cannot explain but creation stations here I come!!! Watch this space! Lol! 😀

I could actually continue to trundle on however it is after midnight and the morning hours are looming of a new work day so I had best get some well needed beauty sleep and I shall try and write a bit more tomorrow if my phone app installs in a normal fashion!

Goodnight and dream sweetly! x