And again!

Soooooo I have done it again! My second run! I did the same amount of time as I am using the podcast BUT I did it faster…my average mile was faster than last time and I figure that as I am combining running and walking and my Nike app thinks I am running its a pretty good speed! I must have a right march on!! I do have to admit though that I was sooooo hot as the weather has suddenly improved! I was a bright colour purple for quite a while after and until after my shower when I was just looking a bit sun kissed! The purple was not a good look! I do have to admire the honesty of my darling daughter as she clearly stated when I walked into the living room ‘ooo you smell Mummy!’ Charming! I suppose I can use that as a sign of a good workout!

In the past when I have started diets I have always reduced food before exercising but I have to say that this time I am on it! Starting the exercise at the same time as reducing my calorie intake has made the world of difference and I feel really good. I already feel like I have lost weight but for some reason that is not my main priority; it is more about how I feel inside. I still believe that a huge part of this is the exclusion of wheat and gluten.

Oh I must also mention as well that I have found my skin is a lot clearer. This I am putting down to the fact that since reducing my calories I have obviously cut out many sweeties! One obvious one is my beloved and most dearest ‘chocolate digestives’ waaaah! That is one thing I miss…a nice coffee with a couple of my fave biscuits! But I think the sacrifice is worth it when my skin feels clearer and smoother!

With that in mind I would encourage anyone to focus more on how they feel inside rather than the weekly weigh in and I am sure that the positive feeling you get from changing your lifestyle to a much healthier way your life will improve inside and out!

‘Cleanse from the inside out; watch life be beautiful”


Oh and just or the record 🙂



I did it!

WOOHOO!!!! So my first outing consisted of: 5 minutes walk followed by 8x 60second jogs with 90seconds rest in between and finishing with 5 minutes walk. It took me half an hour which is averaging of 13.48 minute mile which considering there is a lot of walking in there I am happy with that. I must do this 2 more times before moving onto week 2. Scheduled in for Thursday after work and Sunday morning.


I do not feel like I have overdone it at all. If I had gone out there and jogged until I physically couldn’t any longer then walked a bit then jogged and so on I think I would be on my knees by now feeling unfit, deflated and a bit sorry for myself but by doing this programme I am feeling refreshed, energised and motivated ready for next time!

Oh and 283calories burned!




Following a loooong day at work we were starving and ready for our dinner. Myself and two of my best girls were off for a good old natter over dinner with the high possibility of a sneaky beverage of the alcohol family! We decided to go to a local restaurant as they do a nice little early bird menu of two courses for £12. Sounded perfect. We were politely showed to our seats and we ordered our drinks. The menu was placed before us and our tummy’s are grumbling! We were faced with a choice of five meals, mostly meat and none were gluten and wheat free! Now, do I break my focus for one meal out or do I see what they can do for me? It turns out that my two friends were also a little disappointed with the choice and so we decided that we may have to go elsewhere. We apologised to the manager and stated that we didn’t fancy what was on offer and were off for a more tea like tea, nothing too fancy. He was very polite and absorbed our menu feedback. He then relayed this information to two rather large, quite hairy and pretty mean looking chefs who had already made me feel a little nervous even before we decided to leave. We were just finishing off our drinks when we heard one chef state “what they don’t like fish n chips, that’s too fancy” and so on! This we found super rude and very unprofessional; three lovely ladies were now three angry women ready to complain. We calmly walked to the exit and surrounded the manager(!)…I calmly (yet nervously with a quiver to my voice) stated that the restricted menu was not the only reason why we were leaving but also the fact that I do not eat gluten and wheat for medical reasons (eeep) and so I could not actually have anything so when the chefs start ranting about our departing could they kindly wait for us to leave before doing so. And although we may have returned in the future now we probably will not! Apologies were accepted and we went off to a brillo 2for1 and had delicious BBQ chicken with cheese, chips and peas ‘nom nom’ oh yes and a nice large vino! A good old chin wag took place before returning home to a nice quiet house…babies sleeping and the hubby chilling…sweet.

Good food.good wine.good friends.AMAZEBALLS!