Success on day 4

I went to sleep last night with my mind set on running in the morning. When I woke I could hear the wind howling outside which is slightly traumatising when you are planning on running in the countryside! But then with the wind was sunshine and let’s face it, it could have been pouring down; up I got running gear on (which took some time ensuring that all lumps, bumps and the wobbly bum are well hidden!) dug into the shoe pile to find my trainers and I was ready! I have downloaded endemondo which tracks my route and tells me how fast I am going, calories burned etc. I have also used Nike app in the past which is also good. Music on and off I went. Now I am not going to lie! I am no runner and I never have been. I have completed a 5k in the past which I felt was a massive achievement but I am back at square one this time so I wasn’t going to run myself to collapsing. What I did was use the NHS couch to 5k idea and I walked for 5 then run for 2, walk for 2 and so on for 20 minutes and then I walked for the final 5 minutes! I have to say I actually surprised myself. The first run left me pretty puffed out but it did get a bit easier until the last one when I was actually probably running slower than a casual dog walker ha but still to me I was jogging! I also nearly managed to get round the full course without seeing anybody I know until the final stretch! Poops! But still I am out and I am exercising, I am making positive changes so really even though I looked like a purple tomato in tight trousers and my is hair blown in all directions, does it really matter? I even stopped and chatted for a moment, well between gasps for breath and then continued on my way! It felt good and I felt proud of myself! I cannot go for two days now due to my working pattern but in Thursday I will be back out there again. I intend to follow the same routine for my next two runs and the up my targets a little next week to push myself a bit harder! Eeep!

I also have to add, that a couple of boiled eggs, beans and a slice of ham was mega yummy for my brunch too! The healthy eating is going well and I feel well in myself and already feel a wee bit thinner too! Brilliant!

Kiddies back at school tomorrow and like I just mentioned I am back at work too (day job, oswell&rose is already open and I have been creating away!) It’s been a lovely Christmas break and a motivating first week of 2014 so I guess this might just be a good year!

Just a snap of my big feet!!


View from my morning jog…beaut xxx



Jantastic it’s day three!

Out of the window goes my sensible and safe playing exercise regime! I have tonight signed up for Jantastic which is purely running, setting targets, working in little teams, beating targets and ultimately using the wonderful art of jogging/running or in my case heavy plodding as a way to help me lose weight, be healthy and improve my lifestyle! My target is set to run three times a week, which I think is fair as I do not want to traumatise myself in week one. The targets can be changed at any time so I can always increase it in future weeks! I have a few friends on board with me in my little team so we can offer encouragement and support to each other. I have also registered darling husbands so he will need to dust off the old trainers too! To be fair he can run pretty well so I shall use him for a pace maker ha! I am still going to take walks with my camera and have a go with Davina DVD!

I actually feel really excited about this! It is part of something new, big and really I have nothing to lose so come on Jantastic; let’s get running!!!



And again!

Soooooo I have done it again! My second run! I did the same amount of time as I am using the podcast BUT I did it faster…my average mile was faster than last time and I figure that as I am combining running and walking and my Nike app thinks I am running its a pretty good speed! I must have a right march on!! I do have to admit though that I was sooooo hot as the weather has suddenly improved! I was a bright colour purple for quite a while after and until after my shower when I was just looking a bit sun kissed! The purple was not a good look! I do have to admire the honesty of my darling daughter as she clearly stated when I walked into the living room ‘ooo you smell Mummy!’ Charming! I suppose I can use that as a sign of a good workout!

In the past when I have started diets I have always reduced food before exercising but I have to say that this time I am on it! Starting the exercise at the same time as reducing my calorie intake has made the world of difference and I feel really good. I already feel like I have lost weight but for some reason that is not my main priority; it is more about how I feel inside. I still believe that a huge part of this is the exclusion of wheat and gluten.

Oh I must also mention as well that I have found my skin is a lot clearer. This I am putting down to the fact that since reducing my calories I have obviously cut out many sweeties! One obvious one is my beloved and most dearest ‘chocolate digestives’ waaaah! That is one thing I miss…a nice coffee with a couple of my fave biscuits! But I think the sacrifice is worth it when my skin feels clearer and smoother!

With that in mind I would encourage anyone to focus more on how they feel inside rather than the weekly weigh in and I am sure that the positive feeling you get from changing your lifestyle to a much healthier way your life will improve inside and out!

‘Cleanse from the inside out; watch life be beautiful”


Oh and just or the record 🙂


I did it!

WOOHOO!!!! So my first outing consisted of: 5 minutes walk followed by 8x 60second jogs with 90seconds rest in between and finishing with 5 minutes walk. It took me half an hour which is averaging of 13.48 minute mile which considering there is a lot of walking in there I am happy with that. I must do this 2 more times before moving onto week 2. Scheduled in for Thursday after work and Sunday morning.


I do not feel like I have overdone it at all. If I had gone out there and jogged until I physically couldn’t any longer then walked a bit then jogged and so on I think I would be on my knees by now feeling unfit, deflated and a bit sorry for myself but by doing this programme I am feeling refreshed, energised and motivated ready for next time!

Oh and 283calories burned!



Let the fitness begin!

Oh my days I am just preparing for my first run! This time last year I had very recently completed the Race for Life which is 5k and this year I am almost 2 stone heavier and unfit so this will be a challenge! I do not know where it all went so wrong but this seems to be a trend of mine, lose weight, get fit for 6 months and then spend the next year slowly going the opposite way! A trend I think really needs breaking! This is why I have decided to use calorie controlled diet and exercise.

There are so many new styles and trends of diets that can be easy to stick to for a while but long term they are just not practical. Now ‘calories’ are old school. My Mum used calorie counting back in the sixties…this is a diet that has not gone out of fashion for one main reason! It works! So with my 1200 calories my food is sorted!

Now, for my exercise I have chosen the programme by the NHS UK which is a pod cast using interval jogging to slowly build you up from couch potato to a 5k runner! I did do a bit of this last year but I could kind of run the full 5k already so I did not really benefit from it. However this year I think will be the perfect time to try it.

My darling husband is just doing the dreaded school run and then we will be setting off together! My DH can already run pretty well so I can use him as a bit of a pace maker for when I do my spells of jogging.

So to sum up! I am on day 3 or my new life and first day of fitness! Bring it on I say! All I have to do is believe I can do it and it will happen! Have a happy day everyone!


Fallen off the wagon!

Alright alright I fell off the wagon!!!! And not just a little bit…a lot!!!! For experimental purposes though I have now really noticed the difference of a diet with and without gluten and wheat. The difference is quite clear and I have decided that I am going to continue a diet ‘without’ as I do feel much better. I am not going to commit to I diet 100% without as there may be odd occasions where I do have it but for the majority of time I will stick to it. I have logged back onto ‘myfitnesspal’ app and I will log everyone I eat everyday. Exercise is going to start today with my ‘Muffin top burner’ fit in 5-20 minute work out DVD. yes i know that’s a bit lame but I am also going to start walking. I will do my DVD when I can get out and I will walk when I can. I have just over 5 weeks until a mini break so I have a date in mind and I need to make a big difference I that time. 2lb a week would mean a loss of 10lb which I know I will feel a lot better for! So bring it on! I am climbing back on and ready to go!!!


Another week!

Another week and in light of the fact that I am going out for tea tonight with my girls I thought I would weigh-in this morning and I was pleasantly surprised as I have lost another 4lb. My weigh days do vary a little between a Wednesday and Thursday but for now this works nicely as the approach to my healthy eating is a lot more relaxed than it has been in the past.

BUT what I must emphasise more than anything is that I would have been happy if I had not lost anything this week for the sheer fact of how much BETTER I am feeling! Since cutting out wheat and gluten it has made a huge difference, much less bloated and my body generally feels a lot more healthy. I think this is a lifestyle change that I am going to make permanent. Yes I do think there will be occasions when I do have these in my meals if I am eating out but few and far between is a lot better than on a daily basis.

So today the sun is shining, I am feeling pretty good and looking forward to a girlie chat tonight. Have a lovely day x



Dum dum duuuum!!! Drum rooooll please………///…..6lb loss! Yippee even with a ‘blip’! Needless to say I am we’ll chuffed with my self *patting oneself on back*! And day 3 now of no wheat and gluten and feeling EPIC! Ha ha! I do feel loads better I have to say and rather enjoying the challenge! I was at work today and I had packed my usual feast, yogurt, fruits of several varieties, few rice crispies for breaky and a Freddo for my 2pm snack…and of course as I reached into the top drawer of my desk to grab out my asda good for you cup soup…yep ‘contains wheat and gluten’! Oh poops! My staple work diet has to change! I quickly popped out to stock up on, a bag of spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, sliced ham (a nice one!) a jar of beet root and a huge jar of pickled onions nom nom! Waaaay better than a cup soup and a lot more nutritious and satisfying too *happy* !

Tea consisted of my usual egg salad today as I did not get in from a meeting until 9pm! Not the ideal time to eat but totally unavoidable! Was yummy still! So to sum up! A good day I think!

I hope you are all feeling like you too have had a old day!



Okay so I am on the last day of my first week. Has it been a good first week? I think it probably it has! Yes I have had a few sneaky nibbles here and there and of course my Saturday ‘blip’ but I feel I have slipped into a slightly different frame of mind…

My thought process: If I can be good everyday, and then on occasion, once every so often have a ‘blip’ then I think I will actually begin to enjoy my food more too and appreciate the flavours! I state ‘everyday’ as I know in previous diets where I have weighed in each week I have been really good all week and then following my ‘weigh in’ I have had a bit of day of eating (total pig out!) and then a couple of days later when we fancy going out for tea I feel a bit guilty having a second treat day. For some I know this works perfectly but I just don’t think it’s for me!

Another little part of my plan is to reduce, if not cut out, of my diet the wheat and glutton. My sister is a coeliac and my Mum has had bowl cancer which does also have a strong link to these ingredients and although i have been tested and I am not a coeliac I see no harm in trying to improve my insides with a better diet. Yesterday I did great and then this morning I forgot and ate a chocolate digestive (simply irresistible when literally offered on a plate with a nice cup of coffee mmmmm). I had one bite left and remembered, I was like “aaaaaaawww noooooo” gutted! BUT it was eaten so I ate my last bite with the intention of it being my last one for a while! I actually already feel a bit of a difference so happy days! (Possibly purely psychological but that’s cool!)

I will weigh myself in the morning since it has been a week but I won’t follow it with treats as I may have a few on Saturday as I am off to the park for a picnic…pray for sunshine!

I will update with my progress! Oh and a little note…I have not yet started my exercise but I am working my way towards it ha ha! Eeep!

Ta ta for now xxx