Day 1!

End of day one and all is going very well. I went for a walk this morning for 40 minutes. So…I didn’t get very far, about 2.5km but I did take some cool photos with my new camera lens! I will add a few onto the end of this bloggles! It was a refreshing walk although I have to admit it was absolutely freezing hence why I cut it a little short! I picked up my pace when I wasn’t taking snaps and it was fine until I hit the open fields and that wind, wow! It was icy and forced me to turn back for a stroll through the houses. It was peaceful yet I think next time it might be more fun to take the little ones not only for company but for good photo opportunities! The rest of my day was spent creating in my little homemade office. A few lovely little orders have arrived for my oswell&rose goodies which were lovely to create this afternoon before heading off to collect the little ones from Granny and Grandad’s!

The little darlings slept out last night so breakfast was kind of skipped due to the ‘taking advantage of the rare lie in’! I had a yogurt and banana for breakfast with a coffee and then I had an enormous jacket potato with salad, boiled eggs and a scoop of mayo! My snacking consisted of two plums and a yogurt! A little less than I should be having but I did skip breakfast which I know is mega naughty and tomorrow I will have some so I am not classed as starving myself just yet. I do feel better and I feel good that I have completed my first day. The other half came home from work with a totally humongous piece of sponge cake and to be honest for the first time in a while I wasn’t even tempted! Yey!

I am focused and I will achieve my goal!

Tomorrow is forecast to be a rainy day so my planned day out going for a good walk with the kiddies may be a bit of a wash out (tee hee)! I know the kids would love the rain but with runny noses already I am not going to tempt fate with the school term starting on Tuesday! I might try my Davina DVD and then some in house activities with the little ones! I little bit of exercise is better than none at all!

Bedtime for me! Tatty bye!!